2 comments on “move over ps3/xbox360/wii: farmville is the future

  1. hey there! thanks for the comment. i wouldn’t go as far as saying i hate farmville
    though. i get that it has a value, and can provides certain educational teachings,
    specifically in the areas of math. my point is that when it bleeds into people’s actual
    lives, and interferes with relationships, that’s where it’s not cool. secondly, video
    games are a huge industry in canada – $2 billon. this is huge for the job market, and
    frankly i much prefer console games versus pc games, especially pc games that require you to sign in on specific days.

    thanks again for the comment though – we love debates here at obnoxious gamer!! 🙂

  2. Oh my!!!!!!!! You are seriously a Farmville hater, I see. I think that a game like Farmville in any form would actually allow kids to see that certain things can not be neglected. Let me ask you a question. Of all the games out there, are there any games that teach children much of anything? No there isn’t. There are a few that are suitable for toddlers maybe but that about covers it. Think about it though really. If you take out the fact that you personally hate the game and i understand that and respect it but I think that giving children a way to have to keep track of things at an early age will actually help them. I think that the constant mindset that something was placed into action and it’s up to me to get back to it in time so I don’t lose my investment and let it go to ruins, can help a child to appreciate the value of a dollar on some level. There are so many things that some parents don’t think to teach their children and this may be something that gets everyone to talking an opening up the window to new ideas for other kinds of games as well. What if they were to create a game with something in it that YOU like that had the same mindset? would you appreciate the basis for it then or are you jsut interested in bashing and that’s it. I am just asking you to look at it from a different angle and let me know what you think. Thanks- Amanda Davis.

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