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  1. Interesting. I have honestly never seen him like that. I take your points; however, I read (especially) the scene in the jungle very differently. He says to Elena “Please tell me you have a gun?” and she gives it to him. Firstly, he didn’t ask for it, and secondly, he is the far more experienced gunman. If I were Elena, out of the two of us, I’d want him to have the gun.

    The “Scooch over would you?” yes, I see what you mean here. I can’t really defend that.

    BUT, on the other hand I don’t believe he underestimates women, certainly not Elena. Sully was all for leaving her on the dock, he wanted to take her along as she could ‘hold her own.’ Sully’s reasons for leaving her behind were not driven by sexism, and Nate’s reasons for taking her along were certainly not sexist.

    Chloe is a different matter, she is lazy. He expects her to do more. In the puzzle room above the path of light she says “We did it!” his response “Well technically I did it…” If that were Elena, she’d have been right with him helping him.

    Finally – you call him ‘selfish.’ I’d go one step further and call him border line sociopath. He IS selfish, I really can’t argue against that, but in the example that you gave, for Elena and Jeff it was either stay and die, or go and take your chances. Had Nate left them after Jeff was shot as Chole was up for, that would have crossed the line. As it was, he tried to do the right thing, both before and after Jeff getting shot.

    Remember, Elena is selfish too, she is originally just there for the story. And she constantly reminds him that he owes her a story. I think this is why she and Nate work so well together, from a characterisation point of view. She is smart enough to take him down a peg or two when he needs it (see the scene above the train yard when he is making the plan, and she’s telling him what to do right before he is saying it.)

    Interesting, though. I’ve enjoyed debating about it. I write for http://allthingsuncharted.com so I may well use this for a post there, if you don’t mind? Or at least use it as inspiration.

    • i hear your beliefs about his underestimation of women, but i still respectfully disagree. he really does underestimate women, and i still feel that it’s a constant theme throughout the game. even the ads for the game are stupidly sexist – some girl’s been watching her boyfriend play a video game for 3 days or whatever, and still thinks it’s a movie? right out of the gate they’re portraying women as morons. it’s not as bad as other games, but it’s still there.

      sully wanted to leave elena behind since she was a woman, no other reason. had she been a guy, he would have been all for it. nate brought her along because he felt that leaving her on the dock wouldn’t be ‘protecting her’. she’d been chasing a serbian war criminal… i think she’d kind of proved that she wasn’t a pussy.

      chloe is totally lazy, absolutely agreed. however, nate underestimates her too, going after her when the serbian guy took her. she put him in harm’s way – and he still went after her – even when her actions nearly killed him – to ‘save’ her. elena tried talking some sense into him, and he just dragged her into the whole mess. in the example i gave, i really feel that i he took the most dangerous route getting out of there and is directly responsible for jeff’s death.

      is nate a borderline sociopath? very good point and i’m inclined to agree, since he appears to exhibit most of the signs. this was a great debate and thanks for taking the time to read the obnoxious gamer blog. please do feel free to use it on allthingsuncharted.com.

  2. hello nordoxvstomudex – thanks for the comment.

    it’s pretty much a predominant theme throughout the game. specifically, he’s the one who takes weapons from elana while they run through a jungle, she had to shove over while he drove in a chase scene. plus, he wanted her to stay behind while he ran through the ruins? again, those are specific incidents, but on a broader scale i find that he constantly underestimates women, while at the same time objectifying them.

    plus – and this is my biggest beef with him – he’s selfish. he played a large role in cameraman jeff’s death, dragging him and elena around because he and chloe needed the cintamani stone. him and chloe were together at that point, and really it was a chance for him to get what he wanted but also play the big hero.

    thanks again for the comment!

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