2 comments on “that’s out of my console

  1. hey there!

    turning point: fall of liberty – saw it for $10, and the actual storyline caught my attention. i love that whole ‘alternate universe’ thing. playing it though was a different matter – AWFUL. literally, no redeeming factors.

    excellent call on not buying terminator salvation. i was really disappointed by this game. i think it could have been a good one had they put a lot more effort into it, but in its current state it’s a bad thing.

    i played dead space on the ps3. the camera angle was what did it for me. when it comes to aliens and whatever, i really like to be able to see what is going on! great point about the sneaky alien attack… had that happen to me a couple of times until i gave up on the game.

    thanks for reading, and the feedback!

  2. Turning point: Fall of liberty – I’ve never even heard this game to be honest. Just looked it upon good ‘ol gamespot, and yeah, saw that critics and users alike voted for it in the 4-4.5 range. Thanks for the heads up on this one. AVOIDED

    Terminator salvation – I almost picked up a copy of this, and then my friend and my decided to get a hockey game. Good move it looks like. It looks like an unpolished game to me via the screen shots and user reviews. And you feel this way as well, so once again, I’m glad it’s avoided.

    Dead Space – I was actually a fan of this. I’m not sure if you played on xbox or PC, but the I didn’t mind the view (behind the back), but like you, wish it was a free floating camera that you could angle. Nothing like all your energy focused on some mutated alien in front of you, when an alien that you shot it’s legs out behind you, slowly crawls up behind you only to jab you through the heart or whatever.

    Good reviews. I’ll keep checking your site out.

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