2 comments on “age of electronica: nothing lasts forever

  1. I’ve had this exact same discussion with friends recently. It applies to everyones life. Some more than others but electronics have permeated every aspect of living. I’m on a computer for over 8 hrs a day. Mostly at work but a little at home also. Whenever there is a power outage at work, nothing gets done. Literally nothing. We all sit around waiting for power to come back on because without our computers and servers, we can’t really do a damn thing. It’s sad really. We so heavily rely on our electronics that when they aren’t there, we can barely function. The strange part is that as our technology gets better, it seems to become obsolete quicker. Computers and cell phones are pretty much useless after 3-4 years. There’s no support for the old. It’s all about new new new which in turn means money money money.

    Totally agree with you on the console bit. I have no doubts that if I were to plug in my old NES that it would still work perfectly. I’d even wager my Atari 2600 works just as well as it did when I brought it home 20 some odd years ago. It just seems that as we advance in some regards, we digress in others.

    • hey gil,

      thanks for the comment! it is terrible about our dependence on electronics. fully agree with you that nothing gets done if there’s a power outage. though i should have touched on this in the post, what i find equally scary is the environmental impact our habits will have. despite the ‘commitment’ canadian telecoms have to the issue, a lot of stuff rots in a landfill.
      it’s even having an impact on our social interactions, less family time, more social networking rather than facetime!

      as for consoles, it never fails to amaze me that my retro consoles work, despite them being as old as i am. kind of comforting to know that the NES will never get a red ring of death.

      thanks for reading, and for the comment : )

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