2 comments on “girl gamers are more common than you think

  1. *claps*

    I’ve been a gamer since I was a young teenager… long before I became interested in boys (eugh!) and they still act shocked when I tell them that one of my favourite games was the original MGS or that I like Resident Evil…

    Me and my boyfriend LOVE playing co-ops together and it really annoys me when I go online looking for recommendations and i come across sites saying “Games to play with your girlfriend” … as though girls will only like games about fluffy dogs and shopping!

    Why is it so hard to imagine that a girl can be attractive, into dresses, make-up AND shoot-em-ups???

    • thank you!! yes, it’s completely frustrating – there is such a stereotype about female gamers that never fails to amaze me. makes feel like a bit of a unicorn some days! thanks for the comment; always nice to nice to hear from a fellow girl gamer. 🙂

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