20 comments on “want a free PS3? line up to be scammed by rogers

    • that’s disgraceful. my personal experience with them is to call them every day until they give it to you – takes about 3 days that way, i have found. let us know how it goes!

  1. Would have been a good promotion IF they had actually followed through with it. We qualified for the free PS3 and they never sent us the paperwork on how to get the process going and when we followed up ourselves we were led in the wrong direction, just to follow up again today and find out the promotion has expired and that’s that. Somehow it became OUR fault that we didn’t get the initial paperwork and/or proper answers when we followed up via phone in July. And they say there is nothing they can do? Really? Nothing? Aren’t you the largest MEDIA company in Canada? You can’t rectify your own mistake here? Really. Not. Impressed.

    • that’s terrible! thanks for telling us your story – guess it’s another example of the typical rogers behaviour canadians are so familiar with. those people are crooks and i am sorry that you got ripped off.

    • Exactly! I just called in looking for my PS3 and they tell me that I didn’t sign up to receive it. I have all of my information from my new phone purchase and there is nothing instructing me to sign up for the promotion. I asked the “manager” if they were okay with just telling me that there is “nothing we can do” and letting me walk away as a very unhappy customer. We have wireless, cable and internet with Rogers! Really Rogers, really!!??? This is the best that you can do?

    • The exact same thing happened to me. I contacted the office of the President at rogers and keep leaving messages everyday until i get what i was promised. Heres the number, everyone should have a go at them: 416-935 7777. The secretary will answer, ask her to transfer you to the office of the president. He most likely wont pick up so just leave a long complaint, but try not to be obnoxious or your complaint will most likely not even get listened to!!!! Good luck to everyone, lets fuck rogers over for fucking us over.

  2. My personal opinion is I payed $200.00 for a pay and talk rogers phone and spend about 150.00 a month on minutes. my husband needs a cell phone for work and a plan is more cost efficient for us. We still pay $150.00 a month but we have 2 cell phones now, and I didn’t even know that there was a promotion until I signed up. now we are getting our PS3 next week. I don’t think all consumers are stupid and believe that some people in this world love to complain about everything. Almost the whole world has cell phones and because 1 company is trying to get more business then the other they are bad. Telus is offering a free xbox 360 when you sihn up with them. It is a way to get the businnes to them. walmart allways says if you find a better price we will beat it. AGAIN JUST A WAY FOR COMPANIES TO GET MORE BUSINESS.

    • that’s great. my point isn’t whether it’s to get more business – it’s because no one is thinking about what they are signing. rogers has reliable service, sure, but they are an absolutely godawful company for customer service. they cut corners, they break laws – i’ve been on the receiving end of both of these scenarios. canada is a 3rd world country in terms of cell service, and these fuckbags want MORE money for a service they should already be providing. plus, nothing is covered if this couple breaks up – which happens.

  3. But if you are already going to be paying for a cell phone anyways, what’s the big deal? I was on a 3-year rogers contract paying $80/month and my girlfriend’s plan with telus is about to expire, so she was free to switch to a new carrier (we alread have our internet, home phone, and cable with Rogers). We went to a Rogers store last night to see if we could use this offer, and she got a new Blackberry Torch (for $99), and I re-upped for 3 years (still had 2 years on my old contract anyways) using the blackberry I already had. My bill is now only $55/month with the same options, hers is $55/month as well (so, in sum, we’re only paying $30 more per month for both of us than I was paying for myself before).

    So we aren’t paying anything more than we would be if she just signed up on a contract on her own. In fact, I’m paying $25 less a month than I was. And there’s a free PS3 coming in the mail, will be great to have a second Blu-Ray player and be able to buy games for either PS3 or Xbox. Such a bad deal :|.

    • you’ve missed the point. the point here isn’t ‘if we’re already paying for a cellphone’, it’s two-fold: 1- the long-term cost doesn’t justify signing up or switching over and 2- why should we pay more?

      secondly, did you read the math in the post? as outlined, the long-term costs don’t justify a short-term gain. the point of this offer is to incentivize consumers to signing up for more services, stuff that they really don’t need. by waving a shiny ps3 in front of people, no one is really questioning it.

      thanks for the comment – we always enjoy a debate here!

    • lol I love your reply and totally agree, I ended a 1yr contract with rogers and when I went to redo my contract which was at the time it ended 40 dollers a month my fiance said he wanted to try rogers, he was getting a smartphone n e ways and i wanted to get a new phone as well. The sales associate told us about this offer and i thought awesome.
      I got a blackberry for $10 and my fiance got his sony erikson arc touch phone for nothing at all!! Now our bill is 110 dollers a month together and like you were getting a cool new ps3 which will be in on friday.
      I mean either way we were gonna get two cell phones and end up paying what we are now the only bonus is we get a 300 dollar ps3 technically for free bc of the fact like i said we were getting hte phones either way, and now i don’t have to get a blu-ray player like i was going to 🙂

  4. after calling twice and trying to figure out how I get my PS3….i still dont get it after going to the rogerspromotion web address, I cant find where to redeem to get the PS3..can anyone help me…….

  5. I was in need of a cell phone and decided to take this offer. Activation fees on both cell phones were waved. My evening hours were set to start at 6PM rather than 9PM at no extra cost. I was also given unlimited data on both phone for two months. With the family plan shared data taking into effect on the third month onward. I was paying roughly 50 dollars a month on a pay as you go phone as I was adding a data plan. With this package i have the benefits of unlimited messaging/picture/video as well as free calls between the two phones. 600 anytime minutes that are shared between the phones an a 1gb of data that is also shared. Once again they ave me two months free unlimited data. Also i received free social networking.

    The PS3 was the icing on the cake.

    • i can’t tell if you’re a spokesperson for rogers, or just enjoy getting fucked by corporations. you ‘receive free social networking’? really? most smartphones have an app built-in that is a shortcut to your social network, and since you pay at least $25 on a data plan, it isn’t really free.

      i’ll point out to you again that at NO POINT is this something that the average consumer should consider. someone already with a cell phone won’t benefit from this promotion, since rogers refuses to let anyone switch plans once they are already on one.

  6. the blackberrys are free when u get a family plan, also the plan is alot cheaper then what i was paying individually for my plan, (70 + a month), you cant say a ps3 is over 4000 dollars without mentioning that you now have a blackberry for 3 years with the phone being free, the caller id comes with the plan also…

    • i had to pay a deposit on my phone brad, and stuff like caller ID is usually an add-on… was for me. the point here is that no one reads the fine print. why would i pay for a phone for 3 yrs [math is on the post] when a ps3 is a LOT less than that?

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